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About us

Our Story

From a passion to a job 

The story of the park starts with ours. We are Xavier and Hélène, passionated about animals and horse riding. First horse riding coaches, our adventure started in Les Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer. After a few years, we wanted more : having our own parc with many animals. 


When we chose this place

We wanted a place that looks like us : original with unusual animals. We did the tour of France and Spain to visit several hundreds of parks. When we went to Ardèche, we felt in love with the region, native region of the Aurochs, a prehistoric buffalo that you can find in the cave art. The Auroch became our symbol and we created everything from scratch, in this place with charm and style.


Our beginning 

In 2017, we definitely moved to Ardèche, next to the Réserve naturelle des Gorges de l’Ardèche, an exceptional natural landscape. On a big field (about 10 ha) located on an ancient mine with a water tower, we did everything from A to Z. In July 2018, the work started and we managed to keep this atmosphere and the nature to make life nice and chill for our visitors and our animals.

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Saving animal and their wellness 

To make sure our animals are happy in the park, we chose species that can easily live in the climate and the site, typical of Ardèche, between hills and rocks.

Our project was articulated around the Auroch, that you can see in the Chauvet Cave 2 : a specie that disappeared but recreated in the 20th. We are part of this foundation that tries to protect and save this specie that crossed centuries. Unique in the region !

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A park for families and young kids 

After our "Tour of France of zoos and animal parks",  we realised that only a few were ideal places for very young kids (from 0 to 3). We imagined the "parcs aux caresses", free pony rides and activities for the little and their families. You can meet animals in the middle of an authentic nature and have fun with your family to create memories.


The park today 

Nowadays, we are so happy and proud to see visitors in our park, with charm, style, in the middle of the nature and with lovely animals.

In a familiar atmosphere, meet animals in such a natural environment. Enjoy activities to discover the ecosystem and biodiversity with your family and friends.

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