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10 advise to plan your day at the Parc Animalier des Gorges de l'Ardèche

If you're not well preprared, a day in a zoo (or park with animals) could be a real adventure, especially with kids. To make you YOU HAVE A GOOD TIME, here is the list of the 10 things you should think about before going to our park.

Before leaving home/the campsite

N°1 : Check the weather : If you're on holiday in Ardèche, make sure you're coming when it's sunny (or at least, not raining). What a shame if you can't enjoy a pony ride or have fun in the Aquapark (water park) ! The day before your visit, double-check on your phone :)

N°2 : Choose the right clothes : Choose nice and compfy shoes and don't forget the sun cream + hat + sun glasses (if you're lucky with the weather) or instead a coat that protects you from the rain.

N°3 : Pack your bag : Here is the list you might need for your day : (swimsuit + towels / bottle of water / camera + battery / baby carrier / snack / wallet + papers if you're a student or have a disability)

Advise for the D-Day

N°4 : Go to the toilets before starting the visit : (to make sure you won't have to cross the whole park with your children when you're with the ponies)

N°5 : If you're children want to see something (do the games, see the ponies or the goats), do it first to "enjoy" more the rest of your visit.

N°6 : DBefore going to the park, decide if you'd like to eat there (and buy the "Panier Repas" 100% Made in Adrèche at 24€ for 4 people - vegetarian and no-pork are both possible) or if you prefer to come with your own sandwiches.

N°7 : PTo have a more customised visit, speak with our vets and keepers !


N°8 : If you like the park and highly think you'll be back within a year, buy the annual pass to save some money and see our lovely animals more often.

N°9 : If you're on holiday with your pet(s), make sure you'll leave it/them in a nice place when you're visiting the park : on shade, with water, fresh air, some room to move and to rest. (For the safety of our animals, pets are not accepted on the park).

N°10 : SIf you'd like to do two activites in the day, plan to come to the park during the afternoon. In summer, have fun and enjoy the waterpark to cool off.

Enjoy our different pique-nique tables next to our animals just like the one there, in front of the goats.

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